Dental implants:

Dental implants are prosthetic solution for replacement of teeth. Implants are made up of titanium and once placed remain in bone permanently without spreading infection.

Various implants:

A) Single tooth replacement: only one tooth is replaced by single implant and followed by crown prosthesis.

B) Multiple tooth replacement: when multiple tooth replacement is done with the help of various implants. 2 or more implants are placed at the site and multiple unit of bridge is given as per the requirement of the tooth.

C) Replacement of all teeth: a process where al teeth are replaced by implants, implant supported over dentures or multiple implants are placed. High quality various sizes and various companies provide implants according to patient's requirement it is suggested. All implants are made up of titanium that has been placed deep inside the ridge and crown is placed. At our clinic all our patients are treated with best quality of treatment with competitive prices.

Functioning of implants:
  • Permanent replacement of missing teeth with durability.
  • Functioning like natural teeth remains same
  • No need of wearing dentures, clasps, so no damage to gums and other tissue occur.
  • No need to wear any adhesives for dentures.
  • Once it is placed it is not movable so no worries for removable dentures