We have heard that root canal procedures are painful and unpleasant but with our skilful techniques and latest developments it can be done without pain with post operative complications. Root canal treatment is removal of infected soft tissue and refilling it with artificial material. This treatment basically removes the pain and eliminate the cause and save the teeth from extraction. You may need root canal treatment for any of this reasons.

      1. Continous toothache.
      2. Fracture of teeth or cavities which are deep.
      3. Pit and fissure sealents
      4. Tender gums or teeth.
      5. Discoloured Tooth after an injury or trauma.
Root canal at our clinic:

Along with the technical support and the specially trained dentist we make it comfortable and absolutely painless in a gentle and suiting way. We generally complete one session of less than 45 minutes. If required six root canals can be performed under single sitting.