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TMJ pain and problems : Age, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment planning

Dr. Siddharth Jain

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Taking care of the oral health is a very important and crucial aspect that is required to be looked after in order to sustain a proper well being. The suitable care of oral health including mouth and jaws is very important. In this link, proper maintenance of Tempromandibular Joint or TMJ is also very important to look after in more effective and proper way. It is a bone that joins jawbone to skull. It act as a sliding hinge and causes the movement related to biting and speaking. Due to certain reasons like severe infection that can cause swelling on the tissues and muscles that comprises of jaw movement. In such case, skilled and expert dental care takers and TMJ specialists like at. Mumbai Dental Care Clinicwill help in proper curing of the TMJ pain and problems associated with it.

In general, The TMJ pain and problems are faced by the people with older age, however, it may also occur to people with younger age. And other factors like accident, injury or infection may also be a bigger cause behind its occurrence. The major symptoms are as follows:

  1. Severe Pain and tenderness of the jaw

  2. Pain in the Tempomandibular Joint of skull

  3. Pain in around and inside the ear

  4. Difficulty in biting and chewing the food

  5. Severe facial pain

  6. Locking and jamming of the joint

  7. Difficulty in opening and closing of mouth

  8. Ear pain

  9. Headache

  10. Popping sound in ears

Other than this, it causes a crackling sound in jaws and painful sensation while chewing and opening the mouth. In case, you don’t have any symptoms related to of TMJ pain or problem, it can be deemed as normal. Although, in case of severe problems like Pain in Jaw bone, joint and severe facial pain or in serious case, locking of the jaw, you are required to see a TMJ or Oral health specialist like at Mumbai Dental Clinic for proper treatment and care. The expert and skilled doctors at clinic will provide you the best and most foremost service, that will help in suitable treatment of TMJ pain and problems associated with it.

Experts and Specialist suggest and recommend a variety of treatment procedure depending upon the seriousness and severity of the disease. In mild symptoms and pain, home remedies like ice pack, hot water pack, slight massage on joints, over the counter non steroid based anti inflammatory drugs and reducing stress on jaw can be of great help. Other than this, certain oral medication and exercises as guided by the specialists can be of great help in treating TMJ pain and problems associated with it. However in serious cases, procedures like dental splints, botox injection, physical chirographic massage and as last option, surgery can be performed. The Experts at Mumbai Dental Clinicare expertise in performing all these treatments and surgical procedure to avoid the condition of locking of jaws and pain from TMJ.

Our team is committed to provide best painless dental treatments to our all patients. Book an appointment today with us.Don’t ignore TMJ pain it may lead to its severe effects which causes severe health issues. We are always here for all your oral and dental health problems.